Reformed TV & Film Screenwriter - Now RWA Advocate

Why I Write What I Write

My Journey


Writing has always been a struggle for me. I am dyslexic so a great editor and spell check is a must. Procrastination is my best friend. Frankly, I love researching which is why I was great in graduate school and most of my real world jobs. I love the process of just thinking about things and the possibilities of life. In the last few years, life has interceded in the progress of my writing even though I have a manuscript requests. Let's see what the future has in store together.

What Influences Me


         Becoming a writer wasn't the first job for me,but has always been the side gig. While at USC, I thought that I wanted to study serial killers and be a profiler so I attended grad school to be one. Then, I shifted to working in the Entertainment Industry. Most of my positions were behind the scenes (practical effects, digital effects, slinging tape for editors, and being a producer). However, I loved writing and worked on lots of pilots and wrote episodes for television.  Somehow that lead to working for DHS and The J.Paul Getty museum. But that ended when I became a History and Science teacher. My students decided that I needed to write more and become their next fav writer. As much as I inspire them, they pushed me to get my writing "act" together.

Finding Me


             Social media is a pain the butt! Sorry, but it takes work, time and effort that I should focus on writing. However, it is a necessity. You need to keep in touch with other writers and fans. You need to show your potential publishers, editors and agents that you have a fan base. Then, you need to get new fans and show your diversity. I attend events that aren't the normal RWA events  - AlienCon, Los Angeles Comic Con & Other events. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Please feel free to follow and/or like.