Our Knights Templar

The Reluctant Templar (Book 1)

 is the story of Gilles MacAiden the descendant of King Arthur and sworn protector of the ancient relic, Sword of Ali Zulfiqar. As the Laird of Aboyne Castle in Eastern Scotland, he is sworn to protect his lieges and those of the surrounding lands. Now he finds that he must try to protect his virtue as well.

The Raven Templar (Book 2)

 is the story of Aidan MacDonald of Islay who became immortal after the fall of the battle of Acre. Around his neck is a medallion that holds the key to the Elixir of (Immortal) Life, which he is to protect at all costs. His curse is to live life as a Tam Lin – a mutating beast that steals the most prized possession from young women. 

The Heather Templar (Book 3)

 is the story of Gilles of Keith, Earl of Manschal who found the Sword of Ali Zulfigar while in the Middle East. The curse that he bears is that of the Bodach. He has the ability to foretell people’s deaths. 

The Crimson Templar (Book 4)

 is the story of Duncan St. Clair who holds the Monza ampulla, a silvered pilgrimage flask holding the blood of Christ. His curse is to be a Wulver, half-man and half-wolf.