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  …always believed there was a storyteller deep inside her, because she’d lived a life of constant movement (worldwide) and had experiences whether good or bad making for great tales. While in High School, she was diagnosed with dyslexia which momentarily dashed any aspirations of placing her tales on a page. Her love of a bardic tradition continued at USC by studying medieval History and Serial Killers. Since neither provided for an immediate job after graduate school, Annag became part of the Entertainment Industry working in digital effects and eventually writing.  Her Native American and Druid background helped to flavor her stories but she was lacking a captive (and appreciative) audience. So, she left and became a history teacher. Eventually, it was her students who insisted that she write books. For her, combining romance, paranormal and historical legends felt like a perfect fit.   Annag makes her home in Southern California though travels worldwide every chance she gets. When she’s not teaching or in her pajamas writing, she enjoys spending time with three rather humongous dogs, playing billiards, and dealing with her never dull family.  

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