Our Berserkers

Rapid Recoil (Military Berserker)

  USMC Captain Lane “Haze” McKinnon always immerses himself in his deployments to hide his Berserker identity. A High Altitude Sniper is assured of minimal human contact and lots of practicing self-control. Last time he let it loose, his “demon-side” supposedly caused the death of his family and half his town. Never again. Guilt ridden, McKinnon agrees only to long deadly missions to avoid relationships. Why risk the chance of a baby who’ll suffer his curse?

 When Doctors Without Borders’ Dr. Angela Miller is kidnapped by ISIS, he’s given orders to recon and rescue her deep in militant Afghanistan. McKinnon is the “only” one for the mission – expendable. As expected, instinctive manly desires rise in him – controllable. Unacceptable is that his thoughts are ending up with a baby. Are his primal reproductive urges finally over-whelming his reason? 

Extraction window is fast closing. No back-up. No comms. No sortee plan. Can he risk going berserk to prevent her from becoming collateral damage? Will the long desert escape route give him time to convince her that he’s not a vicious demon?  

Swept Into The Blaze (Fireman Berserker)

Break it Down (SWAT Berserker)

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