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What I'm working On

These are the manuscripts which I pitched, developing or have people request manuscripts. They are all in different stages of process but once they are published I will let you know.

Current Projects

Military Berserker Series


Rapid Recoil is the first in the Series which will be available soon on Amazon. These books cover the Supernatural Realm of the Berserkers who work in various military jobs. In Rapid Recoil, our lead is a High Altitude Sniper in a joint mission in Afghanistan.

The Templar Series


The Templar Series is set in the countries where the Knights Templar fled to after the Friday 13th events in 1307.  The twist is that each Templar is protecting a relic of great power using a Supernatural skill set which they have developed. The first in the series is The Reluctant Templar which is in edits currently.

Alien Origins Series


Are we really aliens on this planet? Life wouldn't exist if meteors didn't bring the ingredients. This YA series explores the where we came from and what happens when the real inhabitants want their planet back. This was pitched and is being developed.

Thunderstorms (Single Title)


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Conjuring for Dummies (Series)


 This is a YA Fantasy about the world of magic and use in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. The origins are in the Egyptian beliefs of the history of Magic and the idea of Roma (Gypsy) use of it. 

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What if Earth was just an incubator for people who the universe is recycling and regenerating? How would you react if you found out the great tragedies where really a big harvest?

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I will be in NYC at RWA National Convention in July giving a 20-20 session.

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