Books On The Way

The Templar Series

 The  Templar Series of books are historical fantasy romance novels that follows the lives and loves of six (potentially more) of the original   Knights Templar. Each of these Knights escaped the bloody massacre on October 13, 1307 - Friday the Thirteeth. A day born out of the "needs" of Philip of France and a blackmailed Pope.  Each book in the series follows the destiny of one particular Knight who fled to a sanctuary country - Scotland, Switzerland or Portugal. However, these men are still tasked with hiding and protecting a different ancient relic. These relics all have legendary qualities. But each also carries with it a personal curse. It will take both an extraordinary woman to break these curses as well as a great personal cost. Only then can they return to simply normal men. 

Conjuring for Dummies: 101 (YA)

 It is said that an Egyptian God Thoth wrote a book of mystical knowledge and spells.  Legend has it to read and study this book will make someone a great magician with extraordinary skills. Throughout history, these priest/esses have been referred to as Magi (or Magus). However, a Magus only gain power and wisdom at the cost of great personal pain. 

In today's world, many people seek the easy way to success as well as think it can be as easy as a mouse click. These teens discover that some knowledge might be worth the cost.

Route of Our DNA (YA)

Humans truly are Alien creatures foreigners on the only planet which they have ever know. What happens when those people want it back? Do you stay  and fight? Or take off to the stars searching for your Home-World? You are now the Alien among your ancestors.

Modern Berserkers

In ancient times, people believed that the Northern Gods created men (often coupled with creatures) to foster the Earth. These Berserkers are men with extraordinary abilities to protect those in need, family and country. Often times, they were misunderstood thought of as simply beasts and demons. However, to those who truly understand them, they are valient protectors with generous natures.

Truly Canadian

Living in Canada. These are truly Canadian styled and crafted Contemporary Romances starting with Thunderstorms in Barrie.

The Scottish Plaid (Holiday Series)

 The Scottish Plaid Series of books are historical (holiday-oriented) romance novels that follow the lives and loves of six Scottish Highlanders discovering the origin of their true identities and place in society. The discoveries occur around the holiday which is nearest their birthdate.